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Thread: Gta-vc Help Required

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    after using winiso to extract the two cd's i tried to install the game about 25% of instalation an error window pops up it says component transfer error on top and the component is gta- vicecity and the error is unexpected failure.did anybody had that error happen to him or anyone knows why it is happining to me?.

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    maybe your 'cd'1' is corrupted

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    thank you for replying. I think it is since i d/l it from kazza and it took three weeeks but i am trying to find out if there is a solution.i hate spending another three weeks and then the next one probably will be corrupted. if you can think of a way since i tried every program there is to mount ,extract and burned it with nero to. Some times when i mount it it asks for but when i direct it to the second disk it will ask for on disk0 and i think this kind of weired behavior.
    SO please if you think of a solution let me know thanks again.

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    You will have corrupt files if they are big like that 99% of the time on kazaa, youe best bet is to delete it and get it off of bit torrent. I have never had files from any game or movie be corrupt off of there. :beerchug:


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