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    Hi all i have flaskmpeg and want to encode the vob files in order to put the file in my shared folder..anyone know of a tutorial 4 flaskmpeg? mine doesnt have one.


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    Check your K-lite email inbox. I'll send you a tutorial.

    Wait. Scratch that, I'll just give you the website I learned from. It's an EXCELLENT guide, the only thing about it is, you cant print or copy and paste anything from the site unless you donate to the webmaster. BUT, that doesn't mean that you cant read and learn it, let alone follow it step by step from the website.

    (If you know anything about Java and HTML, you can also copy the source code and alter the no printing command, and print it from your own copy. )

    Here's the site. Ruud's: How-to-create-divX That's everything you need to know about how to compress DVD to .avi format.


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