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Thread: Can You Play Counterstrike?

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    Whats the point of posting counter strike? You cant play it online or update it unless you have the real version can you?

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    Well if you have a working key..

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    i thought it wouldnt let you play it regardless of if you had one or not.....i'll try downloading it if i can find the latest version. I believe its 1.6, but no one has it except download paradise, and theirs doesn't work.

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    1.5 is the latest 1.6 is coming soon and I have a copy of cs and half-life and it works fine

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    really? where'd you get it from? i tried downloading it off download paradise but it downloads stem 2.0. whatever that is. its a 4 mb file, plus it never goes.

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    btw, i dont have half life already. i need to find a place where i can download them both together then update it and stuff.

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    i didn't get it of kazaa i got it from an original

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    STEAM 2.0 is for dloading 1.6 beta but u must have counterstrike 1.5 already installed to use it

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    my main question is, do i have to have half life to play counter strike, or is there 1 file i can download that lets me play it without having to go get the game?

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    yes you need the orginal half-life, but I would just buy the orginal half-life (very cheap now) then get counterstrike 1.5 from or

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