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    I haven't downloaded Kazaa Lite just yet because I received a really bad virus on my previous computer when I had the original Kazaa Media Desktop. I had to end up buying a whole new system because of it. Does Kazaa Lite have any kind of protection against viruses? If anyone has received a virus on here, let me know, this will aid in my decision to download it or not, please respond if you have any info. Thanks

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    Free virusscanner @

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    You can catch a virus on ANY program.. its not the program thats gonna protect you, but rather the AV software you use to protect your computer.. the software that Paul suggests is very good, I use it myself and have never had a problem.

    Go ahead download your k-lite in confidence and enjoy !

    btw: dont forget the PeerGuardian

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    im not sure
    I would use Zonealarmand norton anti-virus 2003. Its stops the virus from even getting to your hard-drive .

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    i got the newest norton av program and i update it everyday! so i don't worry!

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    Yeah, Just Download Norton Anti-Virus... Get the latest version.
    And with Norton you get the ability to update your virus definitions everyday.. That way you are protected against all the newest viruses.

    If you have a Cable modem, or always on connection, just set it to automatically download the new virus definitions and automatically scan your harddrives everyday at a certain time.

    Speaking of which, its about time I scan again too.


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