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Thread: Analogue Synth Emulator / Software

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    i am looking for an analogue synthesizer program or any software that can let me mess about with the old 80's synth sounds.Is there any software i can get on kazaa like Arturia Storm? - sequencing software with audio modules that i can manipulate?any advice please.thanks

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    it depende what you means you say "mess about with the old 80's synth sounds"
    does that mean you have old banks from an synth you would like to mess around with?

    Or you want a synth that has old 80s sound banks?

    if its the first get awave as it will convert most recognised synth banks to other formats. if they contain raw data it will out put the sounds in to wav or aiff
    which means you can play with sounds in just about any program you wish

    if they just contain parameter settings it will convert those so other Hardware synths can accept them. not really what you are after.

    if you are after a software synth that contains 80's sounds then you have lots of synths out there
    go to check out the softsynths available for your O/s and take it from there. there are lots available on kazaa but its best to know what your after b4 you start

    In my opinion absynth reaktor and reason are the best.

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    I agree that Native Instruments is an absolute must to try: absynth is a very versatile and astonishing synth platform & reaktor breaks all limits: it has infinite possibilities: you can rewrite your 'own 80's'


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