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Thread: House Of 1000 Corpses

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    Is It a Good Movie?

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    erm yes and no really....

    It stars off good - it's got sum good gore but the end SUCKS big time and i mean sucks....

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    Y tell me Be Specific

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    I liked it. The movie is on crack.

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    ok i didn't want 2 be 2 specific for u cos i thought u might not want 2 know...

    buy anyway there's this legend - the legend of dr stan and he is rumored 2 have killed loads of people but he has just vanised ... and that was like a 100 years ago...

    well it turns out the family have Dr satan alive and well in sum sort of secret dungon... but he is like sum sort of robot with robotic arms and shit....

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    i agree it started out pretty good

    but the ending blows goats

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    I wonder where that saying originated - blows goats.. sounds pretty nasty to me..


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