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Thread: Which Of These Driver Should I Download?

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    My old computer have Windows 2000 Pro now and it has a Nvidia Riva but I donīt know which one of these I should download.

    Anyone know?

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    Windows 2000 is not NT4 exactly. more like NT5.
    there's some poor choices on that page and it looks like it's for basically outdated systems.

    You could try NT4 but there's a bit of risk if you can't get a display when you reboot. You might have to go back in safe mode to repair it .

    Check some of these first >

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    i'm not 100% sure but i think you want the riva128 driver for windows 9x. just pick the one that goes with your card. if you have the agp version click the agp link, or the pci version go with the pci link. i think windows nt4 is a totally different os. you might want to wait for someone else to post first but i'm pretty sure you want the windows 9x drivers.


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