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Thread: Counter Strike

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    I'm requesting the latest version of counter strike and a working cd key generator.

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    You can download any CD key. I'm not sure what the latest version is.

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    ok now all i need is half life and counter strike.

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    Cs 1.5 is the newest you don't have to download it on kazaa you can download at: and download the latest patch of halflife and cs key generator

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    I dont have half life, can i still download counter strike and play it? i need halflife and counterstrike for those that can send it.

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    depands if you download Counter strike RETAIL VERSION you don't have to have half-life but if you download the MOD version of counter strike you do need to have half life

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    so when i download retail version i will have the full working game?

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    can't tell which file to download. when i go to websites i see a million different things.

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    if there is retail in the sentence that's the you should have but you can't download it of the internet you should look at kazaa you can only download the MOD version for free of the internet

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    use emule for half life
    cos kazaa one has language problems and wont update
    so go on emule and download that

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