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Thread: Is It Just Me

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    is it just me, or does no one every reply to people in the requests section? I can understand not replying to things like, can I have halo 2 or something like that, but there's a bunch of topics with like 20 veiws but no replies to things that are actually out and are popular.

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    I'm replying to this!


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    ok, thanks.......

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    go download raven shild of bittorent.

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    it never ever downloads, it always has a problem connecting to a tracker. even if you leave it on for 2 days straight.

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    mine took 3 hours

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    where'd you get it from, cause download paradise doesnt work.

  8. Games   -   #8 has it now, if you go to the website and get an error page just hit the refreash link and it will work

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    I think there is something going around cause a lot of people I know, including me, are having bittorrent problems. The damn tracker errors come up. Every site I try to download a game from (seems only games are the problem). I have had bittorrent from the begining and never had problems like this untill recently. Bytemonsoon, suprnova, downloadparadise, all with same problems...


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