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Thread: Man U signs a 9 year old

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    Kind of amazing and also makes you wonder about child labor laws.

    Manchester United Recruits 9-Year-Old Standout After Watching Him on YouTube
    Friday , August 03, 2007

    Manchester United has recruited a 9-year-old soccer prodigy based on video footage featuring his skills.

    The club brought in Rhain Davis after his grandfather sent a DVD to United youth staff showing the boy playing for an under-10 team in Brisbane, Australia.

    "Manchester United is proud of its history of developing talented young players, and invests considerable time and resources into trying to find the best young players of the future," the club said in a statement.

    Click here to watch the YouTube video.

    In Davis' case, however, United need only have invested four minutes. That is the length of a YouTube clip featuring Davis's dribbling, stepover and goal-scoring skills -- viewed more than 800,000 times on the site -- that has led fans to describe him as the next Wayne Rooney.

    The club has downplayed such hype, pointing out that it recruits about 40 players of Davis' age every year, and that Davis' status with the club will be subject to the same annual review as any other youth player.

    Davis has moved to England and is training with a United youth squad.

    "Being here has been brilliant," The Sun newspaper quoted Davis as saying. "The best part has been meeting a lot of the players, like Wayne Rooney."

    Davis was born in England and has a British passport. His grandfather lives in England.

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    Cool, good luck to him
    No Whining

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    I have a friend his son is 12 , trying out for Newcastle's youth team and hope he does well . At that age it changes so fast tho , they discover girls or hockey .

    I had to watch again wow , even his passing is wonderful to watch as he's not a ball hog but sets his teammates as well . Good for him he's dad , grandad or coaches have worked very hard with him thats the best part .
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    I watched the clip on him, the kid has lots of tricks up his sleeves for someone of such a young age.

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    swaw it on BBC. I tihnk thats a bit too early to sign someone. He could not want to play in the next 10 years.

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    they are that desperate to get a guy like beckem

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    i heard about it but never got to saw the clip man.

    so thank you man.....go the see it

    nice man, i just finish.

    i hope for him good future man.

    tnx again for the clip
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    great skills, curious about what's going to be when he's 16-18...

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    Quote Originally Posted by direstraits View Post
    great skills, curious about what's going to be when he's 16-18...
    he will probably be burnt out by the 24 hr parties and loose woman to actually play for man utd.

    still he looks pretty nifty at the moment.

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