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Thread: Installing Visual Studio .net

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    I am attempting to install windows onto my computer but cannot get passed the initial Update windows components step. I have done everything the website suggests except installing sp1a. I can't get the Microsoft downloader to give me the download option.
    Whenever I try to install I get a mesage saying to place the widows component update cd into drive D:. I have no idea what it is talking about and can't find the Component cd update anywhere.
    Could somebody else who had this problem and figured it out please help me, this is really frustrating considering what it took to get the cd's?

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    maybe it means the windows install disk

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    If windows update won't play nice, just go to the Microsoft download center and get it from there.

    Look for the IT professional or network install downloads for better options.

    .NET stuff from MS

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    windows component update cd is one of the 7 cds of Visual Studio .net

    You need to have the first 5 cds to be able to install. CD5 is windows component update

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    ...You don't need 5 cd's in order to install. I installed it with 3 all fine and dandy O.o.


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