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Thread: What Browser Do You Use The Most?

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    so could you tell me what you use and help me make a choice of which browser to use!

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    Persoanlly i use IE and will always use IE...

    but Oprea is always there 2... it's diffrent but good

    but what ever u do don't go for Netscape they suck they have major problems with everything...

    but overall go with IE

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    what about mozilla?

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    NetCaptor > IE in every way but it isn't free and serial doesn't do sh!t so you'll need a crack to make it work.

    Opera is ok too 'cause its features beat every other browser, but it has very limited support for just about every kinda thing (like Javascript, non-standard protocols, etc.)

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    I like IE

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    I like IE also. Install the Google toolbar and then run through the BrowserTune section of PCPitstop. This will really help you configure it properly. Be forewarned- it takes forever to get through the whole thing!
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    Opera 7, kicks ass

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    Mozilla for me...

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    Mozilla is going to be replaced by the new and improved mozilla firebird. Mozilla firebird is one of the best browsers by mozilla Ive ever seen. You guys should check it out, its really good and lightweight. As for IE of course there can be no replacement ultimately becaue IE was designed for windows. So naturally nothing can really fully take its place. The browsers that claim to be a replacement for IE are really based on the same rendering engine and framework as IE and its just integrated into it.

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    opera with IE as backup

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