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    People! I have read today in the news, that software companies and music recording companies (aol music, sony, etc.) are making deals with internet providers to hunt down those, who share music online. So PLEASE, inform everybody about it and share the firewall software. Set the Program (Norton InetSec or ZoneAlarm) so that the connection that you are using is unsecure and this way internet providers won't be able to scan through your connection that easy.
    Or buy a linksys router.

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    Most people don't configure their firewall correctly, and even still it can do little to protect you without affecting your ability to share. features like disabling viewing of the list of your files in K-Lite++ do more to help.

    A standard set-up with a firewall just protects you from everyday dangers of the web, and unauthorised traffic from certain programs etc. If you were able to block out every threat to the P2P community then you wouldn't be sharing effectively at all. You can block range's of IPs, but since there is no way of knowing which IP's those trying to catch you out are using, then it's open to debate how much help it will be.

    They stop port scans etc, from your ISP or whoever, but how much use this would be i don't know.

    I'm not saying don't use a firewall, everyone should, but i just don't think it's going to help much in the situation you suggest.

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    sick of hearing about it already

    I dont even run any firewall or PG Im not paranoid


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