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    i downloaded a few movies then encode them as svcd but my new dvd player play vcd only so the audio and video of the movie is out of sync. i erased the movie from my hd so i cant reencode them. i tried using alcohol 120% to make an image from the cd and then winiso to extract htem out so i could use tmpnec to encode them to vcd format but every time i tried to load the file tmpnec froze. so is there another way.

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    Hmmm, thats going kind of backwards but, you might be able to Use Virtual Dub to duplicate it and save it as an AVI then reencode to VCD. Though you take the risk of your quality dropping drastically.

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    no, what im saying is i cant even load the video file into TMPGNEC w/o it freezing.

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    I,ve done mpeg2(svcd) to vcd its not as hard as you think.You need 2 programs tmpgenc and powerdvd(i know sounds crazy but it works).Install powerdvd after you have installed any other codec packs it should be your final install.The reason is tmpgenc is a little finicky on which mpeg2 decoder to use.Go into enviromental settings (vfapi plugin) in tmpgenc and set lingos mpeg2 decoder at a higher rating than any other mpeg2 decoder.Then just use the wizard as normal ,just load the mpeg2...oh ya have it set to convert to vcd lol ps i found this solution on the pagasys(tmpgenc faq) site look under source issues Q3-01 to Q3-03 were very helpful you can download a trial version of powerdvd 5.0 here I use 4.0 it should still work i think..I found 4.0 used less resources

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    you guys dont get what im saying. i have ths svcd onto a disk and NOT on my hd. i use alcohol to make a image out of the disk onto my hd. then use winso to extract the image to a folder. in the folder i extracted there are a folder call mpeg2 that contain the video file. i want to encode that to mpeg (vcd) but when i try to load it into TMPGEnc, it just freeze.

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    ok i will make an assumption here on your svcd disc in the folder called mpeg2 you have a file called AVSEQ01.MPG a free program called vcdgear in the program use the setting**** mpeg to mpeg *****(AVSEQ01.MPG to your desktop) thats right convert the AVSEQ01.MPG from the disk onto your desktop as an mpeg call it test..after you do what i mentioned in my previous post it will work ...I tried it had the same problem as you did with the fail in tmpgenc and this worked I even took a AVSEQ01.MPG file of an svcd i had ...PS this little conversion only took 5 min vcdgear is a good tool to keep anyway LOL


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