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    could somebody please help? when i download i can from a maximum of two users! my friend sometimes has 6 or seven! how do i change this on my kazaa!!! cant find any thing in options tho!

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    It depends, if that the only amount of users that are availiable as sources for download, then you have to live with it. If youa re using the latest version of K-lite, then theoretically you can download from 200 seperate sources. Though I have never seen it this high. It all depends on how popular the file is and how many people are sharing it. (also depends on their bandwidth)

    The most I have ever gotten on one file at once was 48 sources, downloaded it at 277Kbps...

    EDIT: There are a few tricks you can try to up the number of sources you get though. You can use the "speed up" tool offered with the latest version of K-lite. Or you can leave the search box on "automatic search more." (This isn't recommended, as it sucks up ALOT of bandwidth, but does give astounding source results.)

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    if u got only 2 users
    it means thats all it needs
    cos it will stop getting users when u max out your bandwidth
    or there r just no sources

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    ive gotten about 33 was goin about 200 somethin k/s
    i was downloading a movie the other night and was downloading from 21 users and it was goin 596.27kb/s held steady for about 3 or 4 mins


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