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Thread: Lamsey Check Your Facts First

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    not meaning any dissrespect but the white labels i gave a link 2 arent copyrighted as they r given as promotional vinyl 2 the individual djs 4 air time to get their tracks popular. so really the link should not have been edited..

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    OK, thanks for the info. Sorry about that.

    Feel free to reinstate the link.

    In future, please PM me rather than posting new topics, that way you'll get a quicker response...

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    no sweat m8 u just doing ur job, dunno whether u r from uk or somewhere else?? the white labels are given by new unsigned bands for them 2 play..see whether any1 likes them. so as long as the djs that received them play them then its kool and the gang....anyways cheers 4 the reply.

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    Ah, yes, Lamsey check your facts are so cute you would have been well accepted as my son and if I was a bit younger in years.....hey! hell with facts.....

    lost in clay


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