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Thread: Fs2002 Installation

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    I have downloaded the three fs2002 pro discs and have finally got it to install. The first time I go to play the game it sets up scenery files. It comes to facility files, gets to 7% and then goes to the desktop. I am not sure what these files look like or even what they are called so I can find them like I did with some of the cab files. Can anybody help with this problem

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    Where did you download the iso's from, The ones on kazza are lame, get it from bittorent, mines works fine, anyway if you go to you can get ms flight sim 2004

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    I finally found out the problem. After downloading different cab files to replace all the faulty ones in the downloads on Kazaa, I found that a few scenery files were corrupted as well. I found those files, replaced them with working files and it works just fine now.

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    Nice one dude, just takes some patience, happy flying


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