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    While the board was down I popped over to the bbc noticeboard. Here's a snippet:

    .....The first thing I want to highlight is the fact that we do not, it seems to me, have a mind of our own no more than we have a space of our own. What we have is a brain, which is a physical organ. This organ is the nerve centre of our body and apart from collating all the information collected by our senses the brain is susceptible to a Universal Intelligence, This Intelligence is in all and through all in a similar way to that of Radio and Television Programme Transmissions which we can tune into whenever we choose, so it is with the Universal Intelligence when we use our brains to think.
    The Universal Mind is like Space and probably is Space This facility is freely available and we all use it, either consciously or unconsciously. A brain, human or otherwise is capable being tuned into the multiplicity of channels that are transmitted by the Cosmic Mind; not exactly in the same way as a Radio or TV but by the kind of thoughts we concentrate on. This is how we get understanding, ideas and feelings of love. We can also read one another's thoughts telepathically when we are tuned into the same channel or thought wavelength. We can also contribute collectively when a number of like-minded people are concerned for the same loved one or when concerned about a world situation that has been brought about by greed or crooked thinking; this is because we are all linked by the Cosmic Mind.

    What we all need to do in order to bring peace and good will to the world is to switch our thoughts from greed, hate and selfishness and by thinking thoughts of truth and love tune ourselves into the Truth (Absolute) and Love (Agape) channels.

    Societies of the world have been brainwashed by unscrupulous priests so that we are now so entrenched in religious dogma that is untrue and full of deceit and this makes it extremely difficult for us to tune into the pure channels of love and truth. What is so alarming about religions is that most have elements of truth that are to a large extent disregarded. And I quote the following as examples; Jesus is reported to have said that, “I am the way, the Truth and the Life". Meaning that the way to live is by the Truth. “The Truth is within you". Meaning that the Universal Mind and Cosmic Intelligence is within us and are freely accessible. He also told us how we might tune into and access this Universal Mind and that was by prayer or meditation.

    He also told us that we could do greater things than He did if we followed His example, which was to be independent of priests and religious organizations and accept for ourselves the responsibilities of a Son of the Most High, i.e. a Son of the Universe.

    David Mawer. [reply] [Complain about this post]

    re: MIND AND THOUGHT Lawrence Jones - 2035th post - 26 May 2003 11:41
    I'm not too sure what you mean by 'universal energy' (not any criticism), but I'd say that there is some definite relationship between the mind and the universe. I haven't a clue what it is though.
    For example, space/time exists (sorry to use the word exist, because it's an instantaneous word), in the outer universe, but space/time also exists within our minds: we can interpret an argument in a causal (temporal) or coexistent (spatial and instantaneous) sense. I wonder why?

    So why should wave-like and particle-like behaviour exist inside our minds? How did these concepts get there? And why is language so inadequate to describe this (my use of the word exist)? I'd say that thought is wave-like in nature and the mind is, of course spatial. Space is analogous to a uniform field: it is a condition that is, that was and always will be. If we state that a uniform field can't change with respect to time (which it can't), then we have to question what we mean when we state that space can change wrt time. We are saying that particle-like behaviour (space) can change wrt to wave-like behaviour (time).

    I'm an engineer, not a physicist, so the big bang doesn't really mean much to me if our universe really is wave- like in nature.

    uh oh

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    These guys really know how to have a good time, don't they?

    In a relative way, I mean.

    Contingent on the space/time parameters and whether your "agape" port is functioning, naturally.
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    Oh, please...
    I always did prefer British humour, but that was drier than a popcorn fart.

    Not exactly Eddie Izzard.
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