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Thread: if you have pisexy account, i need your help real quick.

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    thanks for reading.

    i used to have a pisexy account, but apparently I dont have one anymore since i haven't used the site in a while.

    when i did have the account i downloaded a xp student torrent. in the comments section, where pisexy users write comments about the torrent.. someone explains where to explore on the CD to find the product key in some sort of text file..

    i am installing this on another system and need to know how to get the key again.. its like a needle in a haystack here.

    if you could go onto the site and read the comments and let me know where to find it i would greatly appreciate it.

    i believe the torrent was at:
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    It says in the NFO to browse the cd and the serial is in the "NOPE" directory.Hope that helps if you need more help just reply again.

    That link you gave didn't work though so i just searched for the torrent that i think it is.


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