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Thread: Faith In Numbers

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    I'm in no way an expert, However i registered here and other places just to voice my little suggestion. The power everyone has in this peer-to-peer world must be great, why else would the RIAA be launching and attack against the peer-to-peer community. You've HAVE hurt the riaa in the most prominent way,

    their pocketbooks.

    NOW, you can restore faith in filesharing by adding a small little blurb to the title and filenames in the files we share. Add this small line (or something creative like it) to to everything audio we share...

    (RIAA=$$$ NOT MUSIC)

    This will show the soft Peer-to-peer users who will eventually come back out of the woodwork that we aren't afraid of the big, bad, RIAA, and all the money they aren't making off us and the corporate backed artists.

    Just remember if we add tastless lines like..

    (F#%k the RIAA)

    Then we could be seen as childish as the RIAA, (even though I like this one better), TRY TO BE CREATIVE

    I Hope some of you realize what i am trying to say,


    By the way, Let them sue me, I don't got 5$ Thats why i Freakin share!!

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    Then cough up $2.50.


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