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Thread: I need Help Please

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    i recently downloaded Day of defeat source using utorent.... when i was finished the dl and i extracted the files using winrar everything was done then i clicked on launcher and there was a menu including dod:s and then there was an option for online play and i put it on and it would work. the message that popped up was this : Program: C\Documents and Settings\Chris\Desktop\emp-dods\Day of Defeat Source\hl2.exe
    File: Src\Engineclientmanager.cpp
    Line: 1387
    nRet >0
    (Press retry to debug the application - JIT debugging must be enabled)

    then everytime i press retry an error occurs and it closes down.

    then i read the readme and it says NOTE: Don't run in online mode unless you know what you're doing!

    sooo yeah if u guys have any idead on how to resolve my situation then please i would love 2 know! aight peace

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    Bad title.

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    Honestly, don't bother with these cracked steam releases. They're nothing but a pain in the ass... plus if I recall correctly the game is only $9.99 right now. Just buy the damn thing! If you search google for "Src\Engineclientmanager.cpp" you'll find a lot.

    Some people we're getting this error:

    Error: Debug Assertion Failed
    File: Src\EngineClientManager.cpp

    Fix: You mistyped something in SteamApp.cfg - Make sure everything is correct!!
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    i guess ur right. this took me a hella long time to do and i might as well buy for 10 bucks.


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