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    This may sound like a noobie question but ive only just got into the whole VCD burning malarkey so previously bsplayer, windows media were fine for watching my movies...but now i would like to test my discs on my PC before trying in a regular DVD player (to check menus work..etc..) is there a player that acts like your normal home dvd player (i.e.button presses in menus and stuff)..cheers..
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    i think the closest you will get is windvd or powerdvd

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    Ye' windvd or powerdvd.Powerdvd's much better but windvd and its function r more based on a standalone player plus it uses hardware acc from your video card for vcd which i doint think powerdvd does only for dvd.As for bsplayer and wmp u aught to uninstall them pathetic pieces of shit and throw them in the bin there both


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