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    Thanks for beaming in. I have kazaa now and want to remove it and go to Kazaa lite. When I remove it thru add-delete program, do I erase any of the files I've downloaded?
    What is the best method of insuring privacy of downloaded files? Folders too big to encript all the files. Anyway to lock the folder containing the files?
    Thank you

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    No need to delete the files you've downloaded, although you probably should run Ad-Aware before installing KLite.

    If you're worried about the "privacy" of shared files, just hit the "Do Not Allow Others To See My Shared Files" option (or it's called something similar). Encrypting them would be a waste of time. And the program'll only share what you tell it to. Sharing your entire C:\ drive is not a good idea.

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    Read the FAQ on how to complete a clean install of K++ and how to remove KaZaa's crap from your system.

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