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Thread: Need: nCore or CZone

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    May 2007
    I have level 3 trackers
    TTi [invites] or 560 gb bufferd account with 2 invites <-- for something really good
    Kraytracker [account]
    TvTorrents [invites]
    Softtorrents [invite]
    Vipmusic [invite]

    have level 4 trackers
    Bitme [invites]
    Oink [account]
    Tranceroute [account]

    and level 5 trackers
    Finbytes [invite]
    RevTT [account]
    Danishbits [account]

    I can give meny for an invite to one of these trackers.
    also looking for other level5+ trackers

    give an offer and please bump the thread
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    bump for you and gool luck


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