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    Ministry at the Glasgow Academy!!! :beerchug:

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    i went to an Ash concert once at the Brixton Academy

    me and 3 of my mates were walking round the Brixton streets, one of my mates seemed to think it was a good idea to wear his Ash shirt with "Three Boy Hardcore Action" on the back

    Concerts are good - enjoy yourself, and don't forget to smuggle in plenty of drinks
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    Hope it was a good show. I have more Ministry files than any other.

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    Glasgow Review

    Carling Academy, Glasgow, Sat 28th June

    Show was delayed by half an hour so crowd got in at 7.30pm.
    Nice venue, balcony, bars, two floors.
    I got right to the front! My older borther was around at the back, who only got into Ministry a few months ago.

    Support band was Lefthand Element, and their singer looked just like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Usual rock/metal band - melodic guitars and singing, then all of a sudden heavy riffs and screamin. They were really bad, most people were just staring at the floor boards. me? i was staring at the singer's trainers i was so bored.

    They did about 4-5 songs, but after they left we got to hear some nice tunes on the speakers - nick cave, joy division, kmfdm, ohgr (nick cave, knew it must be AJ's choice).

    10-15 minutes passed and the Ministry type appears on the giant screen, with images of a lady movin her hips, dancing.

    Then the band took the stage. Man, Paul Barker looks EXACTLEY the way he did during the 'In Case You...' years. Al J seems to have put on some weight, plus i'm pleased to say my leather jacket is better than his! Two guitarists were on, names (?) which one is Louis Svitek? I think he was the guy with short hair cos the way he moved about (similar to the guy in the cowboy hat in 'In Case You...&#39. Some guy on keyboards, Rey Washam on drums as well as Max Brody (?)(short hair, specs) who started off playin the sax!

    And then they start with Animosity. Here's the songs they did, order is definitely wrong (1-4 and last one i know for sure).
    ALMOST catched the set list when the security guy threw it at the end of the show! DAMN!

    1. Animosity
    2. Unsung
    3. Piss
    4. Filth Pig
    5. Dead Guy
    6. Crumbs
    7. Scarecrow
    8. Bad Blood
    9. N.W.0.
    10. Just One Fix
    11. Hero
    12. Thieves
    13. Supermanic Soul
    14. Psalm 69
    15. Breathe
    16. So What
    17. Supernaut
    18. Stigmata
    19. The Light Pours Out of Me
    20. Jesus Built My Hot Rod

    During their first break, a guy turns to me and says, "they're gonna come back and do 'Everyday is Halloween'!". 'Ummm, i don't think they will' i thought! Personally i thought they should have finished with The Fall, but we can't have everything eh?

    Dissapointed they didn't take a bow at the end, their exit was the same as the way they left the stage for breaks.
    Sound system was shit, what is it with Glasgow venues!?

    Chicks passed out, guys got flung over heads, scuffles broke out, but nobody got hurt too bad! I was just pleased to be there, probably their final visit to Glasgow, the last one having been 10 years ago. Bought a signed Animositisomina CD (15), while my brother found a sticker at the bus stop, the kind you put on yer chest for all access, but everything on it was crossed out so it was a bit useless! Great luck in that my sister was passing by and gave us a lift home. On the way, it was strange watchin the 'trendy' folk line up outside their clubs, after what i had just been through!



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