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Thread: Cd Architect 5.0

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    ok i installed the thing, and i got a keygen for it, i put in the keygen but now it tells me i need to register a unlimited mp3 plug in and when i try it says serial number not in database so i cant! ahhhhhhhhhh! can someone tell me how to get around this? download? crack perhaps?

    thanks dee!
    also if anyone knows of a program where i can create my own instrumentals or create instrumentals with songs but take the voice out? thanks!

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    Check your inbox re: CD architect 5.0

    There's some karaoke programs that remove voice and a bunch that create tunes.

    Do a search for cakewalk studios or band in a box and see if that's what you're looking for.

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    lol i just im'd you! i am looking into cake walk downloading sonar as we speak but is it hard to learn? i mean i will just have to find out i guess!

    what i am looking for is MP3 Plug-In 2.0 for sonic foundry's cd architect.

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    Some of those karoke programs cant remove the voice in some songs because if they're only singing without a beat (lyrics) then it justs does nothing hehe

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    And they usually only remove vocals if they are predominant on the right channel. Even the pro karaoke players have this problem with real CD's


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