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Thread: How Do I Install This Windows Xp Corporate?

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    I have just finished downloading Windows_XP_corporate_final.exe from Kazaa and cannot run it/install it. If I click on it it says not a valid win32 file. I tried to go to DOS but it won't run from there. Can anyone advise me please or give me a name of a file that works. Thanks


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    It's not an exe and won't install by clicking. It's more likely an ISO or bin.
    Look at the original file name for clues. Maybe (filename).iso.exe ?
    Remove the .exe from the name or just rename it to (filename).iso .
    Open nero and cancel the wizard. go to file/ burn image . Browse to the .iso and click and burn. Look through some of the pinned topics and faqs for any more info.

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    I downloaded a copy of Windows XP Pro SP1 Intergrated off IRC in 1 full direct download (no pause and resume used) so when i installed it, no files were currupt.. Some copys on kazaa may give u a currupt file during installation. Currupt files will cause serious problems.. or very tiny problems.. I suggest trying an "Upgrade Install", if u get a currupt file error dont just skip it.. go back and let it resume your old Version for the time being.. Search on kazaa for Windows XP Pro SP1 Intergrated and set max size limit to 600mb.

    waoh a run off sentance lol... to lazy to go back and edit.

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    Thanks folks.
    Yes it was an image file and I successfully burned it using Nero. However as Wolfmight says...thats exactly what happened...a corrupt file. The problem I have is this. I have a copy of WinXP professional with the same reg number that seems to be floating around on Kazaa. Its always worked perfect until I came to do service pack 1a upgrade (My BT broadband software insisted this upgrade be done before installation). When doing this upgrade I got a message stating the reg key was invalid and upgrade was cancelled so I have had to go back to WinME till I get a copy of XP that will work and not give the above message !!



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