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    Have you ever had that frightning feeling that your magical, mystical and much loved PC might be ...errr...slacking? SHOCK I KNOW but games don't seem to be doing what they should,like bladder bursting hours & hours of blissfull escapism,turning into a few minutes of joy here and there. I really want to be proved wrong believe me. So what I would like to know if any pc guru's out there can bring me back to the real world again(please) by sharing with me there top 3 most PCtastic downloads that are inhabiting the great kazza site.
    Can u help?
    Hopingly Tim
    PS ,I have just had the pleasure of playing vietcong(v impresive)

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    wouldnt this go under request?

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    well, um...

    Im not quite sure what you mean by this. If your asking for some advice on good games to download then i could give you some ideas, of coures everyones opioions of certen games vary.

    I think one game that everybody likes is GTA: Vice City, Its out there somewhere, check the verefied hashes section, or just search for it, be sure to download the fairlight ISO.

    Personaly I've always had a thing for Soldier of Fortune, and I know both 1 and 2 are floating around out there. You could also get Morrowind if your into RPGs. A real nice Hitman 2 rip is out there (its still got all the FMV and music score), thats a real fun game where you have to plot how you will assassinate your target, and then exterminate them with extreem prejudice. Theres also ISO's somewhere for Warcraft 3, Battlefield 1942, IGA 2... the list goes on and on. I would recomend heading over to the adrenaline vault or some other, similar game review site and just finding a game that you think you would like. Chances are its somewhere on the internet, so after you know what you want, you just have to find it somewhere. Hope that helps.


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