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Thread: Rise Of Nations Sound Jitter

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    First off, my pc specs:
    2.0ghz 2400 amd althon
    512mb ram
    80gb hd
    Realtec AC'97 sound onboard Gigabyte K7Triton (it's allmost as good as Creative Labs Soundblaster... supports alot of fancy new stuff like Dolby Digital 5.1 and more)
    GeForce 4 64mb video card
    also tried disableing all apps before running.. same prob.

    It seems to just has slightly scratchy sound.. This is the only game that does this, all my others dont.

    I have the latest drivers for everything, also downloaded the patch for the game.. still the same prob.

    n e suggestions?
    The game does support the stuff, so i'm wondering myself

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    mate it could just be the drive needs defraging
    especially if the game is heavy on the resources. and is paging a lot.

    maybe ?



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