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Thread: i have ScN account

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    account with 3gb buffer

    pm me for offers

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    Don't trade with SCN

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    my acc is + mail..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas1 View Post
    my acc is + mail..
    doesnt matter. its against the rules and disrespectful to the tracker owner/op

    invite always be free. no trades. remember sharing is caring.
    bt rep should be abolished.
    life is about choices and consequences. you make your choices but remember only you have yourself to blame when you realize the consequences. personal experience taught me that.

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    why do people insist on respecting certain tracker owners, while ignoring all the other acc trades going on for other sites?
    If account trading is allowed, at all, then dont bitch when one of your favorite sites (or favorite admin's site) has people trying to trade accounts.
    Look at all the buffered accounts for trade, no respect there, and no one is bitching.
    Get over it, account trading will take place for all trackers until it is discouraged for all trackers.

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    We do warn all members that we don't condone account trading for sites that forbit it... and if they get caught it's their own stupid fault.

    No more talk of this in this thread. Create a new thread in the BT section (not invites) if you can't hold it in.

    Back on topic please.
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