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Thread: iplay, pt, revtt, oink

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    I have iplay, pt, revtt and oink

    looking for something at least lvl 5, pm me with what you have/want

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    not here man

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    im still finding it hard to keep a good ratio @ oink!

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    Are you clever? The incredibly difficult part about Oink is that there are so few leechers for any particular seed and so many seeders. Just seed every file you download and you should really be fine (some people seed over 700 files).

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    Quote Originally Posted by kareemamir View Post
    im still finding it hard to keep a good ratio @ oink!
    It can be tough. I'm pretty particular about naming/orginizing my files/.mp3. So if I want to keep seeding something I download I have to keep two versions of it (one with my orginization and one that I downloaded). For some reason I hate doing that, but I do.

    Easiest way is to upload your own albums if you have any. Or look through the request section of Oink and see if you can find an album someone is looking for on another site or from a friend and upload it to oink.

    Wait till they have a free leech week. They don't have them often, but when they do it can be a boon to all. Download all you want and it won't hurt your ratio, but if you continue to upload you'll get your ratio boosted.

    Finally, recently speculation around the oink forums is that comcast (US cable ISP) has started throttling upload speeds unless you are connected to other comcast users. Kind of odd. So if you are in the US and have comcast it might be hard to be the initial seed on something. As far as I know there is no work around, so that might screw you.

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    ye i struggle a little on oink i dont really download something off there unless absoluetely nowhere else has it

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    pm sent


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