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Thread: Fly In Gta 3

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    I only can fly for about 4 seconds in the dodo in gta 3. can't you fly any longer than that? you can fly a long way in the tank , I know that (fun too&#33 but that's not what I want.

    by the way: do any of you know any nice tips for gta 3?


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    ive flown it 4 about 5or5mins max but u can stay up there 4 a long ass time(an hour or so)
    dont ask me y but i found it a lot easier 2 take off from the first bridge(facing the second city)just keep the dodo straight, and dodge the the street signsup ahead and ull b way in the air 4 a long time,
    the runway is decent but practice w/ other locations

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    Yep, the dodo is flyable, but it's very hard to do...
    You can always try getting Vice City too, you'll find flying a lot easier

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    Flying the Dodo is very difficult. Here is a website that helped me...

    ...and yes, the vehicles in Vice City are much easier to keep airborne.

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    I have been trying to download vc for over 2 months now I think and I had about 4 fakes and I have two downoads (cd 1 and 2) but they are very very slow and most of the time they are not downloading so.. I also just found out how to use sig2dat but it keeps connecting and never downloading. very frustrating. I was also wondering if the vc is out in Europe, do any of you know that?


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    and thanks for the link to the site! very cool!


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