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Thread: I Need SCT

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    Please I need SCT
    I have Vipmusic ACC
    Bitmetv acc 10 buffer
    Czone acc 150 buffer
    LM Invites

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    My advice, dont trade. Hang around, make some friends, you never know what may come your way. there are some VERY generous people here. I"ve achieved some very desired trackers all for free, just by making friends and proving that i deserve the be a member of the higher trackers (im not saying you dont deserve it and im sorry if it came off that way). im just simply saying there are ways of getting in without trading.

    invite always be free. no trades. remember sharing is caring.
    bt rep should be abolished.
    life is about choices and consequences. you make your choices but remember only you have yourself to blame when you realize the consequences. personal experience taught me that.


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