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Thread: Film Problem

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    i just downloaded matrix reloaded 1 0f 3 impurity version

    im on dial up as well, the god damn file took countless hours to download.

    went to open it it wont open, it givesw me three option of what could be wrong corrupt etc.

    please help it wont play on any of my video players on my pc

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    i do believe you downloaded the wrong matrix files.


    thes are the real files try that

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    nope i've talked to many a person and they've downloaded an impurity version of the film and its the second best out there quality wise, plus the md version you can see the exit sign on the wall, which isnt a good look, i havent downloaded the wrong file.

    could somebody help me please

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    without more info the only response i can think of is to load it in gspot and see what the program says.hope this helps. did you try to open it with avi preview???

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    oh yeh i viewed it a few times with avi preview and it look realy good, quality was excellent for a cinema recording etc.

    but all of a sudden i wasnt able to view it with avi preview, which i didnt get as i already viewed it numerous times

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    i may have downloaded off a corrupt source too as i viewed it at the start of download and it looked good but then ui trued to view it later and it said its not a valid avi or mpg which it was as i viewed it earlier

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    download kazaa codec pack

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    download videolan

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    thanks for help but it doesnt open with video lan and my other files do


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