I know it's not much, but it's what I have to share right now. If anyone is interested in Demonoid invites please post here. No PM. This is giveaway, no trades or offers required.

I know when I first started out, Demonoid was the first private tracker I joined, and was thrilled to have this. Today, I still enjoy it immensely, finding many films there I cannot elsewhere.

Considering this, I prefer to give this to someone who is just starting out, and would like to begin developing some good trackers for their personal interest/needs.

If you are just a collector, or intending to just trade it for something better once you get it, please go on honour system and pass by this offer I'm making. There are lots of Demonoids out there if you look 5 minutes. I am just trying to give someone *a leg up* so to speak.

I'm unusure how many I can generate but will give them out till I have no more.

Good Luck!