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Thread: A few computer issues.

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    Hey everyone. Im having a few issues with my computer and i want to sort them out.

    Firstly, Here are the specs of my piece of crappage

    Asrock P4i65G Socket 478 Motherboard
    Intel Celeron 2.66Ghz
    768MB RAM
    ATI Radeon graphics card 256MB (Not sure of the model though)

    Problem 1:

    After playing games like Counter Strike for a while, The display starts to lag so to say.

    Also, After closing them when they havent been running slow. The whole comp goes slow with everything. Simple things like the speed to open a window etc.

    Whats the problem and how can i resolve it?

    Problem 2:

    The graphics card is on its way out. On start up the display shows alot of misplaced numbers all over the place and i get blue lines randomly appear through the screen. I know its the GC because without the monitor going through the GC the pictures are fine.

    Whats a good replacement on a pretty small budget that will be good enough to handle FPS games etc?

    Pretty small budget = $60 - $80 maybe? Im english so that would convert to around 30-40. Could probably go a little higher if its really needed.

    Thanks for any help

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    heres what I have, I bought it for 180 a while ago tho. plays the newest games with no problems. Your mobo has an agp 8x slot so this gfx card would be your best bet and I have it, it runs the best new games on medium resolution just fine.
    but its 90 dollarsor this:
    those gfx card will probably solve your 1st problem too.
    good luck.

    O and a gig more ram would improve your pc 10x. you need that more than a gfx card.
    well really you need both

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    Spotted this one.

    Possibly a pricing error since it is less than the 256MB model, so if you want one you'd better jump in quick.

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    yea you should change out your ram. make shure its compatible to the motherboard and to each other. virus and spyware check. i always lagg up when i have spyware. I highly recommend you to go to and run a test to see any of your hardware is bad or needs upgrade.


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