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    Several days ago I was looking at boats online and had Peergaurdian running and kept getting DNS errors. I closed peerguardian and it worked fine.

    I have the new "ultimate peerguardian list" running.

    Today Peerguardian blocked the address 6 times and said it was over peer. I was doing some research on the IP address and tracert to it and it turned out to be

    Is the list wrong?
    Are boat companies anti P2P?

    I just thought it was weird

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    surprise, surprise, the list is wrong.

    so many people who use PG say "well i use it and it blocked the RIAA or overpeer, so that proves that it works." except how do you know that the people it's blocking really ARE the RIAA or one of their hired companies? maybe fans of PG just don't understand the question or they trust the list too much, but they never have a good answer.

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    I didn't try to go to the site today. Was I trying to download from someone on the same network as the webserver?

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    sounds like it.

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    Could have even been a pop-up add that was blocked while you were surfing. I have encountered many mistakes in the list. I generally update mine by going HERE and getting the PLAIN TEXT VERSION about twice a week. If you find a mistake, as I have, report it HERE and go to FEEDBACK, it is usually fixed if so within a couple of days.


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