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    I am trying to figure out how to do games for PS1. I currently have Nero, I have dl img and bin/cue files. As for the img files it seems Nero dosen't even regonize them. As for the bin/cue, I was able to make a CD, but it dosen't do anthing when I try to use it.

    Thanks All.

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    Well, burned playstation games do not work on the playstation without a chip in the playstation, boot disc, or some other kind of manipulation. If you want to play them on your computer, you can with a playstation emulator. Epsxe is a good one (do a google search for it), but you'll need to download bios for it off of Kazaa-lite and acquire some plug-ins. Read on the epsxe boards to learn how to acquire plug-ins.


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