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Thread: Burning RMV movie files

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    Sorry to ask this question, it's probably very basis. But I am new member of RMVBusters, never having worked with this kinds of files before.

    My preference is to convert the files so that they play on my standalone dvd player.

    I need the files in NTSC format, region 1.

    What software do you recommend so that I have a high quality download. Also, if subtitles are part of the file, do you recommend a specific software that ensure subs are burnt into the disk also.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

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    Mr. UKTV BT Rep: +1
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    tbh honset, i use convertx for everything. not to sure if i used it to burn rmv!

    good luck with ure search!

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    jam0980tr's Avatar jam cakes mmm Lovely
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    WinAVI Video Converter
    V. 8.0

    is the best will do nices job for you
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    fastplumb's Avatar D'rip
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    Why bother? your better of buying a DVD/Xvid player and hacking it to region free!
    heres a list of hacks and player take your pick

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    convertx to dvd works everytime


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