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Thread: ***problem With Adsl Connection***

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    I have ADSL, some time's when iam using internet suddenlly my internet disscounect's but in ADSl system tray icon its writen connected and some times its writen tranmetting. i called my ISP and told them they say to me becuz of ur anti virus program ur loosing Portocol

    if its right then any idea of fixing
    if not then wat to do

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    What kind of protocol does you adsl connetion use?

    pppoe, pppoa, bridged?

    Go to and check your connection with their tools, it will give you an idea of what is wron and what can be done to fix your problems.

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    Very anoing. I was having the probl. couple of months ago, have to change top box/modem, after tryng everything else,hours on the phone to suplier, and various sugestions about changing the mentioned bx. It wasnīt sending any sings of any fault, but the tech.that came to change it said that 99.9% of times was the box been f... . Iīm in the UK. NTL . Maybe diferent where you are
    First thing I did was to format h/d & install system stablishng connection to internert, operate things for a bit, surfing, shuting the system & start & again tryng to conect. Sometimes good, some, nada. Rebooting the box would started it. If doing test, donīt install any antivirus or firewall, if using XP. remember it has its own firewall(kind of),make sure is off. Believe me, I did spend a lot of time getting to the probl. Since they changed the box, no probl.
    Sure everythng is running ok from your end and dnīt put up with bull.... ,after all, is your end departing with the money.

    Edit: By the way, can you see my sig & avat?, cos i canīt.

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    are u using the phone filters you were sent with your package, if you have two phones in your house and only one filter attached to the one phone it will keep disconecting.

    hope this helps

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    I had same problem using alcatel speedtouch with freeserve(icon kept going yellow)I went here drivers and got different drivers and havent been disconnected once

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    i had this once but wen itried reconnecting i used to keep gettin error 712 i think it was?!?!


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