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Thread: Downloadable Gamecube Games

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    I really don't get this, does it mean that you are able to chip a gamecube somehow? because you wouldnt be able to play them on your pc. Can someone help?

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    In theory, getting the CD images of GC games would be easy to get. It's burning the games on the smaller discs which is the hard part.

    Pretty much why GC piracy is not as reported as say PS2 or PC gamers...for now

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    Its the idea of baically having a GC disk, but you would be unable to play it unless you had an emulator of some kind (which i don't think there is.)

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    that video looked pretty convincing,eh?

    btw i love super monkey ball

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    what video?

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    Originally posted by olibomb@30 June 2003 - 08:11
    what video?
    The video of them clowns acting like they had burned a GC disc then played it.


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