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Thread: need help for xbox 360

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    i am new to consoles in general i always loved playing my games on pc buy i turned now to xbox 360 and i will buy one in the coming days but i needed to know how about games cause games here in my country they are not expensive but they are not present at all so the only way is to play backup games downloaded from blackcats-games or any other tracker

    what do i need to play them do i need to mod the xbox 360 or is it only software like a loader or something cause no one in my country do this modding stuff please give me alot of details cause as i said first i am very new to deal with consoles i dont know how u play backup games on them i only knew pc with a little crack and everything is fine

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    Hello! visit

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    you just need to flash the dvd drive from the console.

    It's that simple.

    Do some reading at xbox scene and you manage to do that yourself.

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    When did you buy your console? The newer ones are more difficult to flash, but thats the way your gonna want to go to mod it.


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