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Thread: Setting up Image Grabber II

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    Hi Guys

    I have been using Image Grabber II for a few weeks now.

    The default size for the images is 148 x 111.

    I want to make my images a bit bigger, say 200 wide but I do not know what size to enter for height. There is no "Help" for this program and I have Googled it with no luck.

    Some graphics programs allow you to enter the width or height and they will enter the other value automatically to keep the same aspect ratio.

    Any suggestions please ?

    I note the program does have a reset to default option.

    Kind Regards


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    I'd recommend you use zealsoft Screen Capture...Works like a charm for me.

    Sorry, but I cant help you with your question though/.

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    File Menu and Options allows you to set the size of the grabbed images....

    Not sure if this ONLY applies to the collage it will create of multiple grabs, but that's all I ever do. I never save individual images....

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    Thanks guys,

    As I said, if you change the dimensions of say the height you need to know what to enter for the width ! and Image Grabber does not seem to have a "keep aspect ratio" as most graphics programs do.

    Also after using Image Grabber (which does do a good job) I have found that I like to set my own screen grap points using the Explosion Icon. This works good, but it does not tell you the elapsed time or the number of grabs you have made which would both be nice features to be added to Image Grabber.

    I will check out "Screen Capture."



    Kind Regards



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