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Thread: Tracker.Elektronik.Ro Account Disabled? Why?

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    hello guys...

    i returned from 10 days vacation and i just discovered that my old enough account is disabled although i had many weeks to use it ( NOT to log in.. ) but i dont think there could be a prob with that...

    is there an irc network to contact them? thats a real pitty...i desperately need that account and as fas i can remember i had a decent ratio.

    NickName ---> DownLoading

    if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated

    thanks in advance.
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  2. BitTorrent   -   #2
    mine is disabled too ,dunno why.

    the site was unreachable for days.

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    i m really sorry dude....
    but we need to contact them definetely.
    site seems to be online now but our accounts are disabled...
    someone has to help us contact them...


    cmoooon NOONE?
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  4. BitTorrent   -   #4 is a better me finding out what have happened to my account...and i ll help u seeding with 3 or more seedboxes ..

    i know thats lame...but .
    I dont Trade/Ask/Sell.

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    My account was also disabled, for inactivity for sure!

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    I think you got deleted not disabled because of inactivity.. anyway your nickname isn't there anymore so.. automatic deleted by system..

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    ok thats shitty....
    how much inactivity?
    15 days??

    and with buffered account over 20 gigs??

    ermm.. k then..they dont deserve it to be a member of them.
    let them rot in hell. TT , mixingbowl , tribalM , vip n oink ftw.
    I dont Trade/Ask/Sell.


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