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Thread: Parental Control

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    Hello stangers, I am looking for some software for parental control for the internet.
    Cyberpatrol and kidsnet are just a couple that's out there.
    Does any body know where I can get a copy?

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    how dare you try and put parental controls on your internet..grrrrr....if my parents ever did that i would go crazy...

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    It wouldn't hurt to remember that it's a parents responsibility to try and steer their children on a decent course. I applaud anyone who tries. It isn't easy with the F.U. attitude so many kids have these days.
    A parent that pays the bills and takes the heat for every thing you do has every right to impose whatever reasonable controls they see fit to achieve a decent end product.
    So go ahead and go crazy, I'd just sell the PC and point you down the road!

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    ya i know...parental controls wouldnt be half bad if they didnt block clean friends who have them it blocks out my site.and it doesnt have anything bad on it.....

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    Have you completed the forms for rating your site? Maybe it blocks all non rateds.
    I don't think it's too dificult to submit a rating or site review. I've only done it once, and not recently so I can't guide you through it but I'm sure if you asked in software, someone would know the latest process.

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    i host my site form my computer so i dont know how i would go about doing this...

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    Ok on your own PC/own site it's not that hard to set up a rating. As I recall, it's in the properties of the new web menu. Under ISS admin/ web site properties/ HTTP Headers/ Content rating/edit ratings
    Just answer the questionaire
    On one of the tabs at the top you can enable ratings. That alone may help, you may not have to register.

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    and how to i access this IIS thing?

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    My parents DID do it... I found out a few security holes and went buck wild.


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