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Thread: Longhorn Real Of Myth

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    Has anyone managed to download a working copy of Longhorn? Because I have been trying to get a real working copy for about 3 months now. I had a copy almost 3 months ago. It made it through half of the system setup when it stoped with an error message saying it was missing some installer file for Longhorn to continue and that is as far as I ever got to trying it out.
    Anyone know where a good working realistic copy is for download?
    If so I can be of good use for you in return.


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    2,758 Use either eMule or BitTorrent to download the files (the logo next to their names in SL will say which one you need)

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    its not called 'longhorn' its a beta name.. the final version is gonna be called 'windows blue' i have it on a CD .. its the same exact thing as winXP


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