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Thread: Name & Shame - Paedophile Scum

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    I don't post many articles on this board because I have little to save about the triva and minutiae surrounding most postings. However I am concerned that this file sharing forum does not provide an adequate mechanisum with which to barr or even 'ignore' some of the sick fuckers that bastardize the file sharing community.

    I have no problem with pornography, in fact I have good selecion of films with adult chicks getting fucked stupid, but child pornography is a totally different matter.

    I don't know how to identify sharers of this filth, if I could I would, they will change their names but let's post them when we find them and CANCEL if we can.

    1st sick fucker - Sharing-is-Caring@KaZaA

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    Man u should know that people can change thier Kazaa user name again and again so it's pointless posting their names...

    Their is a whole board dedicated 2 this kind of thing sum where around here just wish i had the link

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    How do you know he was sharing unless you were lookig for it? no offence intended.

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    Good of someone to come up with an idea like this, i've done searches in kazaa u know looking for adult porn (i am a big lad i can take it) and just seen the descriptions of some of these files, and to any normal being just seeing the titles knock u f***in sick (i've got 3 kids of my own)..Will keep on the look out, lets sniff the sickos out, these people might not watch all these files they have stored but storing them is just a big an offence.
    I got Booted from Xbox Scene Forum...Proud??...You Betcha!!

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    U guys don't get it how r going 2 catch them posting kazaa user names that is not going 2 do anything....

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    Sorry but when I am actually at my computer I occasioanlly check who is uploading one of the many "normal films" I have to share, this prick had a multitude of child pornography...........

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    Just update your filter words in kazaa options that way you shouldnt get anything to offensive and as metro says you wont catch em its a sick world and sick people live in it all you can do is protect yourself as best as possible and if you get one that moves into neighbouhood go and take out anger on him/her.

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    Mutterings is right...

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    nelcheal fair comment yeah that is a wee bit difficult to block out that sort of content when you find it like that.cant suggest much more apart from just stick with general dl and dont bother to search other peoples files.Which i know isnt what you want to hear.i like books so when i find one i want i go into some1s shared folder to see if the whole set is there,luckily for me i havent had the misfortune of seeing anything other than normal (using normal loosely )files

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    at lest post there ip

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