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Thread: Ati All In Wonder 9000 Pro

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    Does anyone knows about this card? Im planning to get it installed in my PC to watch Cable TV and record things from my VCR to my PC. Is this a good card to do so?

    I dont know about these things but which one is better? 7500, 9000PRO or 9700?



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    I dont know about these things but which one is better? 7500, 9000PRO or 9700?

    i know the "best" card out of your list is the 9700.

    btw Radeon 7500 doesent have tv in only tv out.

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    umm alot of cards are better then the plain ati radeon 9000 <-- i got that one

    8500 is better then it and anything higher then 9000 is better...

    didnt 9800 come out&#33;??&#33;?&#33;

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    these guys are answering based on video game performance. if you need top-of-the-line 3D video game rendering, then you&#39;d want to consider the 9700 all-in-wonder.

    i didn;t know that there is a 9000 all-in-wonder, but if there is then it should be fine. i&#39;ve had good experiences with display and capturing, using ATI products.

    if you don&#39;t play video games, you could prolly save money by getting the original All-In-Wonder Radeon or the All-In-Wonder 7500. same functions, same display and capturing quality, but outdated video game performance.

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    Thanks so much, i indeed have the 9000 All in wonder pro which costs &#036;199.99
    And its been OK, i only use it for TV capture (VCR, DVD, or Camcorder) and for Cable TV broadcast, so i can then upload to Kazaa to share.

    But relating to games, i dont know how to do that, i dont like computer games because you have to use the mouse and the keyboard to play, i prefer PS2 and Xbox.

    Anyhow thanks so much for all your replies.



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