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Thread: seedbox question

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    do i use my seedbox for leeching? if i download a file using the seedbox, do i transfer it back to my computer so it doesn't use up any of my bandwidth? is that how it works?? please correct me if i'm wrong

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    hmm. I'm not really sure I understand you but, it doesn't matter where you seed from if only your passkey (the torrent from your account) has a ratio of at least 1:1 or the minimum seeding time (if the tracker uses that).

    Or do you mean that you upload a file on a tracker from your seedbox and then download the torrent via the tracker to your computer? That would be cheating on most trackers, especially if it's free leech Then you could boost your account to infinit ratio.

    Edit: Or you're talking about bandwidth... You shouldn't use your seedbox for leeching, it's best for seeding so leave the file on the box.
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    no, i mean can i download a torrent using the seedbox, then transfer it to my hardrive using an ftp program(can you do that?) if so, will it take up any bandwidth on my home connection? cuz i share 60gb with 3 people (i'm from australia)

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    if you dl the file you also up the file as long as you can connect to them.....yes you can dl it using ftp back to the comp
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    and yes it takes up some of your 60 gb allotment on your home connection, it just doesn't take up double for downloading and uploading a torrent to 1:1


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