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Thread: Hosting-IE setup

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    Got my logon info and logged in Via Remote Desktop
    Got the Web window version.

    And getting 4 KBS down what the hell?
    Some setting I am missing?

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    What torrent program are you using?
    I just got my up and running last night and I'm getting good speeds.
    Did you try and download more than one at a time.

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    just wondering how long it took you guys to get yours, i've been waiting 8 days know and i can log on to their website and it gives me a username and password, but doesn't have anything for the domain. am i just missing something or what, i also got the web version so i hope i can get faster than that

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    Took me 5 days. It was a problem on there end, its fixed now, and getting about 2 down and 2 up. So not bad for the $$ I guess.

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    I've signed up for that Raptor #2 VPS Plan, i'll use Windows and TorrentFlux when my user/pass would be on my hands ;DDD Hope that it doesn't takes too long to receive that information because i'm already a customer of them....

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    i'm also a customer of them and i ordered another server vps rabotr 1+ and it took 16 days to recieve login info

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    wow sounds like this place sucks. either that or they have LOTS OF ORDERS. doubt that though.

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    Yeah..... don't know exactly what they want with that delay.... it really sucks and don't know why ;///// Guys, i'm thinking about open a TorrentFlux Server on Hosting-IE VPS, would anyone enjoy it???

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    I would...send me the torrents that are on it. We can have a private torrent site. You host the games, i'll host movies on mine? lol. Fast speeds 24/7.

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    Yeah!!! That's what i'm talking about!! ;D I'll start to pay 19 Euros/month, would you help me?? I'm already own a domain, named as ;DD What do you think??

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